[Stamped Illustrated]
[Stamped Illustrated] / A collection of the various illustrations and sketches by Coleman Stampley
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Guache, Gel Pen, and Digital
Poster Tagged: traditional  

Gel Pen
Comic/Zine Tagged: Traditional  
Forever Pissed
Colored Pencil Tagged: sketch   Notes: 1
Devil Sketches
Colored Pencil and Gel Pen Tagged: sketch   Notes: 1
Game of Thrones- Houses
Poster Tagged: Digital  
King of the North Sketches
Colored Pencil, Marker, and Gel Pen Tagged: sketch  
American Royal Barbecue Poster
Digital and Ketchup
Poster Tagged: digital   Notes: 1
He Loves U Back
Illustration Tagged: digital  
Bandito Sketch
Colored Pencil  Tagged: sketch  
The Mountian Men
Poster Tagged: digital  
Adam’s room 40 min
marker and gel pen Tagged: sketch   Notes: 1
Gym Class Heroes As Cruel as School Children
Acrylic, Ball point Pen, and Digital
Tagged: traditional  hand lettered  graohic design  Portfolio